Shandong Jingfeng Humic Acid Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to humic acids R &D,production and sales, founded in 2009,reconstructed in 2015, with registered capital 18 million, total assets of 200 million, has more than 50 employees, including professional R & D 5 people.The company is headquartered in Fengtai District, Beijing. Its subsidiary companies are including Shanxi Production Base, Jinan Sub-R&D Center and Tianjin Sales Center.

We are committed to humic acid research&development,production and sales. We have achieved remarkable results on development and application of the agriculture humic acid series,feed farming humic acid series,pharmaceutical grade humic acid, and also in ceramic industry,batteries and so on.

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    We have a professional laboratory for humic acid products to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and given a full-extraction program for extracting different humic acid materials. For humic acid application in agriculture, we can make for soil water and crop situation in different regions of the analysis, and then the case with fat,our focus area for fertilization of crops able to program, rushed release from basal foliage conduct Fertilization job with the Trinity; and for soil improvement, such as salt, heavy metal pollution, as well as wind and sand that we can come up with very effective program plan,for humic acid in aquaculture, we have compounded the feed level sodium humate, We conducted a series of recipes for each physical mechanism for feeding animals in research and development; in industrial applications we have a series of new exploration.


    Humic acid products are widely used in agriculture, industry, animal husbandry, health care and food. Specific humic acid products are widely used in agriculture as a soil conditioner, there is base fertilizer, Shi Chong, foliage, etc. increase fertility with improved soil structure, increase production, providing fruit taste, and so a significant effect; ceramic additives used in industry increase its dilution, enhanced adsorption plasticizing and bonding role; feed additives to improve the body immunity and improve the taste of their meat and eggs; respect for human medical humic acid inhibits tumor cancer, diabetes and other related diseases have significant effect, coal coke has a very distinguished adhesive bonding effect; and humic acid are also widely used in ceramic clay modifiers, battery cathode expanders.

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