Application of Humic Acid In Agriculture

Manufacturing Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer


Humic acid sprayed in the leaf surface can be reduced so that the leaf stomata to reduce transpiration, increase crop drought resistance, the use of modified peat extracted humic acid was added dissolved in water constant, trace elements formulated as a liquid fertilizer after administration of the vegetables can improve the quality of vegetables, an increase of about 20% yield. Kuan et humic acid solution, complex NPK complex and major elements copper, iron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements made of humic acid plant nutrient solution with improved soil, for NPK fertilizer efficiency, stimulate crop growth, increase output and improve quality of agricultural products and so on.


Humic-AcidRole of Humic Acid and Pesticides Pesticide

The humic acid not only has the basic conditions for polymer and polymer pesticide pesticides, but also with other high-molecular substance or pesticide synergist generally difficult to fully equipped with non-toxic, odorless , pollution-free characteristics. Humic substances and disease resistance itself, is a good plant growth regulator, to improve crop drought, cold, and promote crop growth and development has a significant role

The role of humic acid and pesticides is mainly reflected in its adsorption behavior of pesticides. The adsorption of pesticides mainly form hydrogen bonds and ion exchange interaction, and charge transfer, ligand exchange, physical adsorption and chemisorption may also exist. Humic acid is through these interactions may achieve adsorption of pesticides, thereby reflecting on pesticide solubilization, efficiency, decomposition and reduce pesticide toxicity role.

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