What are Humic Substances?

Humic substances are major components of the natural or […]

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About Humic acids

1.Humic acid source and classification Humic acid is ge […]

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How to produce Humic Acid Granules

Humic acid and nitro humic acid granulation 1.Raw mater […]

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Application of Humic Acid In Agriculture

Manufacturing Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer Humic acid s […]

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Humates For Poultry and Stock Farming

Humates For Poultry A unique capacity of humic preparat […]

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Humates And Organic Fertilizers

Humus is the basis of soil fertility. Humate is the con […]

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The effects of humates on soil

The fertilizer of the soil was always related to its hu […]

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The influence of humic acid on plant physiological activities

Humic acid is the remains of plants and animals, mainly […]

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The Effects Of Humates On Crops

    Long-term experience in the use of humates in China […]

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Humic Substances as Agronomic Inputs in Biological Agricultural Systems : a Review-Analysis of Humic Substances In Search of a Standard

It is important the Cation Exchange Capacity since thes […]

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