Potassium fulvate(potassium humate with fulvic) effects

potassium fulvate flakePotassium fulvate, (potassium humate with fulvic), rich in nutrients required by many crops, 100%water solubility, easily absorbed, adapted to various quality water, and can be absorbed directly by crops. It is a fertilizer for the production of organic food and green food, and its main functions are as below:

  • The root system of the crop is developed and the rate of sprout is increased by potassium fulvate(potassium humate with fulvic).

Potassium fulvate is rich in many kinds of nutrients, new roots can be found in 3-7 days, while secondary roots are increased greatly. The ability of absorbing nutrients and water is rapidly promoted, cell division and crop growth is accelerated.

  • Increase fertilizer use efficiency.

Potassium fulvate provides the necessary carbon and nitrogen sources for the beneficial microbial activities in the soil, so as to make the microorganism multiply in large numbers, dissolve phosphorus, dissolve potassium, fix nitrogen, thus greatly improve the utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and generally increase the utilization rate by more than 40%.

  • Improve the drought resistance ,cold resistance , disease and inspect resistance of plants.

Potassium fulvate can form soil aggregates, enhance soil fertility and water retention,and improve the drought resistance. Potassium fulvate can enhance the photosynthesis of plant, increase the organic matter in plant cell liquid, and improve the cold resistance of the plant. The plant root is developed, the ability of absorbing nutrient and water is greatly enhanced, which make the plant strong and imporve the disease resistance .

  • Increase yield and improve quality.

Potassium fulvate is soluble in water, easy to absorb, and has strong permeability. The effect is more than 10 times that of ordinary humic acid. The active substances of fulvic acid can make the utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to more than 40%, greatly enhancing the nutrition of plants and increasing the yield. Improve the quality of crops.

  •  Improve the soil and resist repeated cropping.

Fulvic acid binds to calcium ions in soil to form a stable aggregate structure. The water, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions of the soil are adjusted, and the beneficial bacteria in the soil proliferate in large numbers, so that the harmful bacteria in the soil can be controlled, thus increasing the crop resistance. It has obvious remediation function to the phenomenon of soil salinization caused by long-term excessive fertilization.


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