Humates And Organic Fertilizers

Humus is the basis of soil fertility. Humate is the concentration of humus’s vital forces.

We can conclude that humate is an alternative to all types of organic fertilizers, such as humus, compost ,bio-humus, organic ooze, peat , and other. Furthermore ,we have objective data to confirm this conclusion.

Humates’ effect on crop capacity in comparison with organic and mineral fertilizers.


However ,let’s not rush conclusion before considering the essence of this problem. After carrying out many years of experiments ,the China soil science concluded that combined use1 of manure and mineral fertilizers (N P K)was conducive humus balance in the soil. However ,the cost of applying manure in such large quantities decreases the profitability of the process. The chart shows that an exchange of 20 tons of manure for 120 lbs of humate is more profitable and leads to more productivity. Comprehensive proof can be obtained through many years of experiments. Naturally ,we do not have this data yet. We have mentioned earlier that one of the most important factors in humus composition and accumulation is the effect of micro-organisms. Scientific studies in many countries showed that humates stimulated the development of all were conducive to stimulation of oxidation activity of microbes. Humates stimulate micro-organisms and therefore are conducive to humus restoration.

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