Humic acids help to improve soil

Modern agriculture with high input and high output is an important feature, in which chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other synthetic chemicals widely used, no doubt on China’s agricultural production made a significant contribution, but also caused a series of serious problems: such as soil nutrient imbalance , pesticides, heavy metals on soil pollution, soil degradation, decline in quality of agricultural products, eutrophication, etc., seriously affecting the sustainable development of agriculture. In this context organic farming full rise to the sustainable development of agriculture, food and environmental safety of its main features. However, the existing organic agricultural production completely or rarely administered applying fertilizers, pesticides, pests and diseases can cause serious, poor resistance, low yields. Therefore, an urgent need for research to develop products of organic agricultural production, accelerate the development of organic agriculture. grapes5
Humic acid is a dynamic, composed of plant residues after decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, as well as a series of geochemical processes of formation, structure, molecular size is not uniform mixture of a variety of organic weak acid. With aromatic nuclei as the main variety of functional groups containing a phenolic hydroxyl group, quinone group, a methoxy group, widely found in soil, coal, water and other natural environments. Because of its origin and inherent characteristics, with improved soil fertility and enhance crop resistance and other characteristics, very suitable for organic agricultural production. Some of the unique functional groups of humic acid can promote plant growth, the formation of soil aggregates, or of its own with some of the metal ion chelation, so as to effect the removal of pollutants, to improve environmental pollution play a role. In recent years, the world in its research and applications continue to expand, it has been widely used in agriculture. In Europe and North America, humic acid is considered to buffer the soil and fertilizer, can be used to enhance fertilizer efficiency, soil nutrient balance. Humic acid drought, cold, diseases and pests, and other functions in the Middle East, Israel and other desert upland areas has also been widely applied. Study on humic acid in China started late 1950s, and its application in agriculture is constantly expanding. Our resources are very rich in humic acid, its large reserves, wide distribution, good taste.

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