Humic acids will help to increase the utilization of N,P fertilizer

With the development of China’s chemical fertilizer industry, chemical fertilizer continues to improve, to promote sustainable growth in agricultural production plays an important role. But fertilizer utilization is low, increasing the cost of investment issues are generally reflected. At present, China nitrogen use efficiency of about 30-50%, 10-20% utilization rate of fertilizer, potash fertilizer utilization rate of 50-70%. How to improve fertilizer use efficiency is an important research topic at home and abroad chemists. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements fertilizer, add a small amount of humic substances having chemical activity and biological activity, can improve the utilization of different degrees of fertilizer.
1, the synergistic effect of nitrogen fertilizer
China’s current nitrogen fertilizers to ammonium bicarbonate, urea, thiamine, ammonium nitrate as the main species. Wherein the unstable nature of ammonium bicarbonate, highly volatile losses. Add ammonium bicarbonate higher humic acid content of lignite, weathered coal into rot ammonium bicarbonate in six days can Nitrogen evaporation rate from 13.1 percent down to 2.04 percent. Fertilizer ammonium bicarbonate to maintain more than 20 days in the fields of experiments, rot ammonium up to more than 60 days. Humic acid can be added urea to form urea complexes, so that slows the decomposition of urea, fertilizer extend, reduce losses, so that the effect of urea relative yield increased by 30%, increased by more than 15 percent aftereffect. Nitrogen use efficiency measurement results showed that the addition of humic acid utilization increased from 30.1% to 34.1%, N uptake increased by 10%. Nitrogen fertilizer humic acid not only influential, some potential nitrogen to the soil also affects the Central Plains. Adding humic substances in soil, it can make available nitrogen content of the soil nearly doubled, to take full advantage of the potential nitrogen to improve soil conditions. Humic acid complexes have been useful to rot in urine and urea made as a product to sell slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, which is higher than ordinary urea fertilizer.
2, the synergistic effect of phosphate fertilizer
Study on humic acid fertilizer of synergy has been studied for many years abroad, focusing on the use of humic substances to protect the water-soluble organic phosphorus or phosphorus-based fertilizer, reduce fixed phosphorus, promote the absorption of phosphorus, improve fertilizer efficiency . Superphosphate, triple superphosphate, or ammonium phosphate in 10% to 20% of humic acid, fertilizer can increase 10-20% relative P uptake increased 28-39%. Determination of tracer experiments with radioactive phosphorus fertilizer utilization found that after adding humic acid, fertilizer utilization increased from 15.4% in the quarter to 19.3%, a relative increase in a quarter that is phosphorus utilization. Humic acid fertilizer phosphorus not only on the original soil phosphorus have a positive impact. The measurement results show that the addition of humic acid soil available phosphorus content can increase from 21.6ppm to 26.9ppm, a relative increase of 24.5%.
The mechanism of humic acid improve efficiency further study showed that the addition of humic acid can inhibit the fixation of phosphorus in the soil, reduce fertilizer from quick transition to delayed action or invalid state, increasing the moving distance of the phosphorus in the soil, and expanded and Root contact absorption area. Also humic acid stimulation of root, also developed root system, promote the effective absorption of phosphorus.

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