Humic Substances in Biological Agricultural Systems

Organic matter, compost, humus, humic acid, and fulvic acid are all retated to, and parts of, decaying plant materials lts food for soil kife and a storehouse for minerals, energy and water These organic materials for certain organisms to grow on.

The biological/organic farming system is based on batanced minerals and lost of soil life in terms of diversity and volume.

So where do humic substances fit in farming systems? The objective of this article is to xlarify some of the confusion about humic substances, update and review the scientific research and provide guidelines for use of the many different humic materials being marketed

Research is proving what farmers gave long known to be true humic substances stimulate plant roots, stimulate soil life, chelate minerals, improve absorption of minerals for root and plant use, and improve the effectiveness of herbicides.

In the first section of this paper l’ll explain the different humic products available and how they presenty are being used. The last section is a scientific review completed by Lawrence Mayhew, working in Product Development for Midwestern Bio-Ag.

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