Ammonium Humate

1.Product Description

Ammonium humate is important humic acid ammonium salt with holophyte nutrition and high effective organic matter. It is a kind of organic fertilizer combining natural humic acid with nitrogen. Part soluble in water have both granule and powder type.

2.Main Specification






 Appearance Black Powder Black Granule
 Product code JFHA-NHA-P JFHA-NHA-G
 Water solubility 50% 50%
 Nitrogen (N dry basis) 5.0% min 3.0% min
 Humic Acid(dry basis) 40.0%min 40%min
 Moisture 25.0%max 25.0%max
 Particle size / 2-4mm
 Fineness 80-100mesh /
 pH 8-9 8-9

3.Main Function

  • Improves soil structure thus to increases water holding capacity and soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) to increase soil fertility.
  • Increase and stimulates beneficial microorganisms proliferation ,which will also improve the soil structure and water holding capacity.
  • Increase the fertilizer utilization.For nitrogen fertilizer will be held and slow released,phosphorus will be released from Al3+ and Fe3+ ,also will chelate the micro elements and make it into plant absorb table form .
  • Anti-drought- and pesticide-induced stress
  • Stimulate seed germination and enhances development of root system,seedling growth and shoot growth.
  • Decrease residues of herbicides pesticide and heavy metals toxins in soil thus enhance the yields quality.


  • 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs printing aluminium foil bag + 10kgs, 20kgs printing carton box.
  • 20kgs/25kg woven/paper bags with inner liner.
  • 20kgs/25kg color printing PP/PE bags with inner liner.
  • 1MT,1.1MT jumbo bags with discharge hole.
  • According to customer’requirement.

Ammonium Humate Technical Data Sheet

Ammonium Humate MSDS

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