Bio Fulvic Acid

Product Description

Bio Fulvic Acid has two fulvic acid content: 50% and 60%. For bio fulvic acid 50%, we also call it Bio Potassium fulvateBoth are important fulvic acid salt, are complete water soluble. Could be used for foliar spray.

Main Specification

Bio Fulvic Acid 50%

Bio Fulvic Acid 60%

Bio Fulvic Acid 30%

Bio Fulvic Acid 50%

Product name Bio Fulvic Acid 60%/Calcium Fulvate Bio Fulvic Acid 50%
Appearance Yellow Powder Brown Powder
Product code JFHA-BFA-60% JFHA-BFA-50%
Water solubility 100% 100%
Fulvic Acids(Dry basis) 60.0%min 50.0%min
Calcium(CaO dry basis) 5.0%min /
Potassium(K2O dry basis) / 10.0%min
Moisture 15.0%min 15.0%min
pH 5-6 5-6
Mesh 60 60

Main Function

  1. Calcium governs the uptake of other nutrients. It is also responsible for cell division and cell strength.
  2. Calcium is the most important of all minerals.
  3. Fulvic acid and kelp are powerhouse plant growth promoters.


For foliar spray:3000 time dilution every two weeks.


1) Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight,
2) Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.


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