Boron Humate

1.Product Description

Boron humate is in the form of humic acid chelated with boron,black granule non soluble in water.Suggested to mix use with other fertilizer.

Boron Humate

Boron Humate

2.Main Specification

 Appearance Black Granules
 Product code JFHA-BHA-G
 Humic Acid (dry basis) 55% min
 Boron (as B2O3 dry basis) 10% min
 Moisture 15%min
Particle Size 2 – 4 mm

3.Main Function

  • Improve the struction of soil, increase the airial of soil and water holding capacity and maximize the macro and micro elements absorption. Thus increase the soil fertility.
  • Could create a proper environment for beneficial fungus to promote mutual good function for soil & plants.
  • Suplly chelated form of boron easy absorptable for plants, humic acid will also help to chelate micro elements in soil and converted them into mobilized.
  • Help plants to absorb calcium to achieve the ballanced ratio of Boron and calcium,which is important to cell walland fruits muture, thus could largely prolong the fruit storage time.
  • Help the crops or fruits to pollinate thus promote reproduction and increase harvest.


1.25kgs woven bags or paper bag.
2.According to customer’s requirement.

Boron Humate Technical Data Sheet

Boron Humate MSDS

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