The Effects Of Humates On Crops

    Long-term experience in the use of humates in China has shown that their presence is important during all stages of plants development but particularly vital in the early stages. That is why the pre-planting treatment of seeds of very important. Even before germination begins,  vital forces are awakened,  and the immune system is stimulated .A young sprout develops a strong root system, and its endurance increases. Intensification of the root system growth was studied on barley. As a result of humate treatment the root length of the plant increased by 2.5times, and average stem length increased twice, in comparison with the contrpotatoes after the humate treatmentol group. Similar result were obtained in the course of other and were confirmed by experience of California citrus growers.

The treatment of seeds is particularly important for potatoes. Soaking the potato tubers in the humate solution prior to planting is practically the only necessary in treatment of potatoes, especially since spraying the potato plants can lead to growth of the over-ground parts of the plant at the expense of the planting results in an increase of quantity and vigor of the shoots.

Naturally, the strengthening of the root system and stems has a positive effect on crops. As plants develop, however, other factory are invoved. A strong, developed root system provides plant with the necessary nutrients of a higher quality. Because they are already a part of a certain organic structure, the humates increase the penetrability of a cell membrane and , as a result,  are conducive to potassium retention in intra-cell fluid, which leads to the increase of cell division. Due to the additional energy supply, a photosynthesis process in the cell proceeds more intensively, leading to an increased amount of chlorophyll. A determining factor in plants growth, nitrogen assimilation proceeds more rapidly, and nitrate formation is averted. All together, it leads to an increase in crop capacity. 

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